Chek-Stix Control Strips for Urinalysis

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Chek-Stix Control Strips for Urinalysis
Chek-Stix Urinalysis Control Strips 25 Postive strips & 25 Negative Strips
Product Code D201
Mfg. Code 07043714
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Chek-Stix Control Strips for Urinalysis

Chek-Stix can be used with Siemens Reagent Strips and tablets for Urinalysis. The Provide defined results for glucose (g), bilirubin (br), ketone (k), specific gravy (sg), blood (b), pH (ph), protein (p), urobilinogen(u), nitrites (n) and leukocytes (l).

Each Positive control is a firm plastic strip with seven seperate analyte areas which contain one or more natural or synthetic ingrediants which when dissolved out of the analyte area in a measured quantity of water produce a positive control solution. The negative control strips produce a negative control solution.

Chek-Stix should be used on a regular basis as part of a urinalysis quality control program.

Can be used to:

  • Determine if test strips or tablets are reacting properly
  • Confirm the users ability to perform and reliably interpret the test strips
  • For demonstration and teaching
  • Develop proficiency in urinalysis
  • Provide confidence in obtaining good results
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